WhatsApp angers users for the second time in a week as it introduces bizarre green features

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•WhatsApp’s strange tests are ongoing, with new green features appearing

WhatsApp has once again sparked controversy by introducing a series of green-themed features for the second time in a week, much to the dismay of its users.

The tech giant faced significant backlash on social media, prompting a quick backtrack on the changes, with the company asserting that the app was ‘going back to normal now.’

However, despite these assurances, WhatsApp users have continued to encounter bizarre green features within the app. 

The introduction of green features were quietly added this week, and include green icons within the search function, a green cursor, green notifications, and green spellcheck. 

Despite their seemingly minor nature, these alterations left many users unimpressed and have triggered a wave of discontent among the app’s user base.

Several users have taken to X (formerly Twitter) to express their annoyance, with one venting: ‘We don’t like change.’

‘First the “Online” and “Typing” change, now the green notifications, green spellcheck, green cursor, green everything. “But it’s branding”…. No. We don’t like change. Leave us alone,’ the user tweeted.

‘Why is my whatsapp green, yuck,’ one user tweeted. 

Another added: ‘Why did my WhatsApp suddenly turn green??’

And one vented: ‘Whatsapp. I’m begging on my knees – change the details back to blue. It’s way too green for me.’

‘What’s the shade of green on WhatsApp’, another user tweeted.

The frustration expressed by users highlights the difficulties tech companies encounter when making changes to well-established platforms. Even small tweaks can lead to a strong negative reaction from users.

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