Taylor Swift approves Ryan Gosling’s hilarious SNL version of All Too Well with Emily Blunt… hints she might sing it on tour

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Ryan Gosling returned for his third season as host of Saturday Night Live over the weekend, attempting to put his famed Ken character to rest with the help of Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift approves Ryan Gosling's hilarious SNL version of All Too Well with Emily Blunt... hints she might sing it on tour

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The 43-year-old actor was supposed to be promoting his new film, The Fall Guy, which hits theaters on May 3, but he used his opening monologue to try to sing through his sorrow about leaving his beloved Ken character from Barbie behind.

He then sat down at a piano and began performing “All Too Well” from Taylor Swift’s 2012 album Red, only to be humorously interrupted by his Fall Guy co-star Emily Blunt.

They both adapted the cover song into a duet, with him honoring Ken and Blunt honoring her Oppenheimer character, Kitty Oppenheimer.

Swift responded to the humorous cover on social media just a few days later, hinting that she may even carry it on tour with her.

All Too Well (Ryan and Emily’s Version)!! Watch as I unintentionally sing this rendition while on tour. ‘This monologue is everything,’ Swift stated.

She shared the video of his complete SNL monologue on her Instagram account, along with the message. She also quote-retweeted the official SNL Twitter video of the monologue, using the same description.

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All Too Well is one of Swift’s most famous breakup songs, which she co-wrote with Liz Rose.

The song has two versions: a five-minute, 28-second version from the original Red release in 2012, and a 10-minute version from Swift’s 2021 album Red (Taylor’s Version).

Gosling opened his monologue by assuring the audience that there would be no more Ken jokes because he and Ken ‘had to break up.’

‘When you play a character that hard, that long, letting go feels like a break-up’, he continued to say, saying that the only thing that will help you process a break-up is the music of the great Taylor Swift,’. Then he sat down at a piano.

He began changing the song’s lyrics to reflect his Ken character, including donning Ken’s full-length fur coat from Barbie. At one point, his Fall Guy co-star Emily Blunt rushed the stage and told Ryan to stop singing because they needed to promote The Fall Guy.



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