Jackie Chan shares health update and reassures fans about his appearance

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Renowned actor and stuntman Jackie Chan, who is known for films such as Rush Hour, Police Story, and Who Am I?, has shared photos of his career to mark his 70th birthday and also used the same medium to send a message to his fans about his health.

Jackie Chan shares health update and reassures fans about his appearance

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A photo of him with greying hair had earlier surfaced, prompting fans to wonder about his health.

However, Chan has responded to the worries on social media, posting some images commemorating his career in honor of his 70th birthday earlier this week.

He explained on social media that his older appearance earlier this year was part of his role in a film job. He said it’s just a character appearance for his latest movie. The character demands that he have white hair, a white beard, and an aged appearance.

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Chan, who has starred in over 30 martial arts films, has also starred in Hollywood hits such as the Rush Hour trilogy, Shanghai Noon and its sequel, Shanghai Knights, which starred Owen Wilson, Around the World in 80 Days, and the Kung Fu Panda franchise with Jack Black.

The honorary Oscar winner did not specify which movie the aged appearance was for. He is now working on many films, including a return to his role as Mr. Han in the upcoming Karate Kid film with Ralph Macchio, who starred in the 1984 original.

In his tweet, he expressed gratitude for “every moment” of his 62-year career in the entertainment industry and expressed surprise at reaching 70.

He said that after I recovered from the shock, the second thing that came to mind was a quote from his older brother, Sammo Hung: ‘Being able to grow old is a fortunate thing’.

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