The distance between Goodison Park and Anfield is crazy

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The distance between Goodison Park and Anfield is crazy


The Merseyside Derby, one of the Premier League’s most iconic matches, pits two of England’s most historic clubs against each other: Liverpool and Everton. What makes this rivalry even more unique is the proximity of their stadiums, Anfield and Goodison Park, which are less than a mile apart.

Everton originally played at Anfield, but a disagreement with the stadium’s owner, John Houlding, led to their relocation to Goodison Park in 1892. Houlding went on to form Liverpool, which has called Anfield home ever since. Despite the move, the two clubs remain close, with Goodison Park and Anfield separated by a short walk across Stanley Park.

Goodison Park, Everton’s home for over 120 years, is set to be replaced by a new riverside stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock. The new stadium will have a capacity of around 53,000, a significant increase from Goodison Park’s 39,500. While Everton prepares for its new home, Liverpool has been redeveloping Anfield, expanding the main stand and adding new facilities.

The two stadiums may be close in proximity, but they hold a rich history and significance for their respective clubs. Anfield, with its iconic atmosphere and expanded capacity, continues to be a fortress for Liverpool. Goodison Park, with its nostalgic charm and dedicated fan base, remains a beloved home for Everton.

As the Merseyside Derby continues to be one of the Premier League’s most highly anticipated matches, the proximity of Anfield and Goodison Park serves as a reminder of the shared history and rivalry between two of England’s most storied clubs.

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