Italian footballer drops dead while taking a shot on goal

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  • Mattia Giani tragically passed away after collapsing on the pitch 
  • He was seen clutching his chest as he took a shot on goal

Italian footballer drops dead while taking a shot on goal

Mattia Giani, a 26-year-old footballer for Castelfiorentino in Eccellenza, has died in Florence after suffering a heart attack on the pitch on Sunday.

A masseur for the fifth-tier club reportedly tried resuscitating the player on the pitch, after his heart stopped beating for several minutes, before he was rushed to the Careggi Hospital in Florence, where he died the following day.

Castelfiorentino Mayor Alessio Falorni sadly confirmed the tragic news on Monday morning. 

The incident happened at the Stadio Comunale Lanciotto Ballerini in Campi Bisenzio, on the outskirts of Florence, at minute 15. Giani reportedly collapsed after taking a shot on target, in a game where his parents were watching from the stands.

Reports in Italy say investigators want to clarify issues such as the timing of the emergency treatment he received.

Dad Sandro has also filed a complaint to “understand how our son died”.

He has questioned what medical services were on hand at the Lanciotto Campi in Tuscany for Sunday’s match.

Italian footballer drops dead while taking a shot on goal

Italy star Mancini, whose sister is dating Giani’s brother Elia, joined the outpouring of shock over his death.

And the center-back, 28, dedicated his goal in Thursday’s 2-1 Europa League victory over AC Milan to him.

Mancini told Sky Sports Italia: “My sister and Mattia’s family are suffering.

“The world around them has collapsed, but they will rise again. I wanted to dedicate this goal to him.”

Mancini also wore a T-shirt with a message in Italian translating as: “Farewell Mattia, forever with us.”


Giani’s girlfriend Sofia Caruso has told of the couple’s “beautiful” last morning together and of his tender last message by phone.

They had been living together for just two days.

She said: “We woke up on Sunday. We talked and laughed – it was beautiful.

“Then Matti took the bag. I stayed at home. Then his cell phone rang. It was a message from him, the last one. 

“He wrote to me, ‘Love, I left you the accreditation for the match in the name of Giani. I love you madly’.

“He always told me that he loved me like crazy and I loved him like crazy too.

“We were thinking about getting married, we said we wanted children.

“Mattia made me understand what love was and he took care of me. Matti was a pure and good person.”


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