“I can’t stand it anymore”: Enzo Fernandez comments on the pain he endured before undergoing a surgery

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Enzo Fernandez, a Chelsea midfielder, has issued his first statement since undergoing hernia surgery. The Argentine disclosed that he had been enduring pain while playing for Chelsea over the past few months. 

Initially, Enzo did not want to go under the knife as Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino explained the same. After some consideration, the former Benfica player finally agreed to undergo surgery for his own good.

Chelsea confirmed on Thursday that Fernandez underwent an operation for a groin issue, sidelining him for the remainder of the Premier League season. In an Instagram post, Fernandez revealed that the injury had plagued him for several months, with the discomfort escalating in recent weeks.

The 23-year-old remarked on his successful surgery, stating, “My operation was successful, I needed to get this surgery since l been dragging the pain for about six months”.

“It was something I could avoid while constantly treating myself with injections and medications. But a few weeks ago the pain started to get more and more intense, without any of this taking effect, and it was worse as I trained and played annoyingly, but I didn’t want to stop being in the games I had”.

“Whenever I got to play with Chelsea jersey, like the national team, I always try to do my best despite all this but I can’t stand it anymore”.

“I will be back soon and stronger!”.

Source: Instagram @enzojfernadez

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Fernandez expressed determination to return stronger, adding, “Whenever I played for Chelsea or the national team, I always gave my best despite the pain, but I couldn’t bear it anymore.” He is expected to be out of action for three weeks, returning in time for the Copa America this summer.


Since joining Chelsea in January last season for a then-British-record £107m deal from Benfica, Fernandez has been a vital part of the team. Despite making 40 appearances this season and reaching the EFL Cup final with Chelsea, he has yet to consistently display the form that earned him acclaim prior to joining the club.


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