Hojlund’s attacking isolation: Are Manchester United teammates deliberately freezing him out?

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Rasmus Hojlund’s dry spell in front of goal has sparked a lingering question among Manchester United fans – are his teammates deliberately not creating chances for him? Yesterday’s match against Aston Villa saw the Red Devils create six big chances, but none of them were for Hojlund. Instead, Antony, Garnacho, Casemiro, and Fernandes were the beneficiaries of these opportunities.

This isn’t a new concern; fans have been wondering about Hojlund’s lack of involvement in attack since his 14-match goalless streak in the Premier League earlier this season. However, it’s worth noting that he did score in the previous match, courtesy of an assist from Bruno Fernandes, which suggests that his teammates aren’t entirely ignoring him.i

With 13 big chances missed, he’s the Manchester United player with the most squandered opportunities. Moreover, he’s yet to create a single big chance for his teammates, raising questions about his integration into the team’s attacking dynamics.

So, why is Hojlund receiving fewer passes from his teammates? Is it a tactical decision, or is there a deeper issue at play? Manchester United’s attacking struggles have been well-documented, and Hojlund’s lack of involvement only adds to the mystery. As the season enters its final stretch, Erik ten Hag must find a way to get his strikers firing on all cylinders if the Red Devils hope to salvage a top-four finish.

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