Football agent Saif Rubie breaks down in tears as jury delivers not guilty verdict – but what’s next in this dramatic saga

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Football agent Saif Rubie has been acquitted of sending a threatening email to former Chelsea director Marina Granovskaia. The jury delivered the verdict, and Rubie was formally released, breaking down in tears in the dock. The email, sent on May 22, 2022, related to a payment dispute over Kurt Zouma’s transfer from Chelsea to West Ham in August 2021. Rubie denied threatening Granovskaia and has now been cleared of the charge.

Source: Jordan Pettitt

The email in question was a strongly worded message, but Rubie maintained it was not a threat. He claimed he was simply seeking payment for his services and was frustrated with Granovskaia’s behavior. The email referenced a past incident involving agent Kia Joorabchian, who allegedly had his watch taken by associates of Rubie over payment issues. However, police found no link between Rubie and the incident, and Joorabchian never mentioned Rubie’s name in his statement.

Granovskaia claimed she felt “physically threatened” by the email, but the jury did not find sufficient evidence to convict Rubie. With this verdict, Rubie’s reputation is cleared, and he can continue his work as a football agent. However, the drama may not be over, as Rubie has opened civil proceedings against Granovskaia.

This case has sparked debate about the culture of football agent dealings and the blurred lines between assertive negotiation and threatening behavior. Rubie’s acquittal raises questions about Granovskaia’s testimony and the events surrounding the email. As the story unfolds, the football world will be watching closely to see how this saga ends. One thing is certain – Saif Rubie’s name will not be forgotten anytime soon.

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