Annie Walker’s Plea: Keep the Drama Away from the England Team

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Annie Walker, the wife of England star Kyle Walker, has spoken out about her concerns regarding influencer Lauryn Goodman’s plans to attend the Euro tournament with her children. Lauryn, who shares a son with Kyle, has announced her intention to take their child to watch Kyle play for England, but Annie fears this will create unnecessary drama and distractions for the team.

Source: Splash

According to sources close to the couple, Annie is worried that Lauryn’s public display of their family’s personal life will spark unwanted attention and tension, potentially affecting the team’s performance. Annie expressed her concerns, saying, “Lauryn says she’ll go to Germany and, whilst that’s her right, I don’t understand why she is making it such a public affair… It will inevitably create drama and the noise surrounding it will be an unwelcome distraction for the team.”

Annie emphasized her husband’s focus on the pitch, despite off-field gossip, but highlighted the impact it has on her and their children. “Kyle is focused on what he needs to do on the pitch and that has never wavered — but the gossip of it affects me and the children,” she said.

Sources close to the couple claim that Lauryn is fueling the feud to boost her own profile, which contrasts with Annie’s decision to remain silent on the matter. With Annie having recently given birth, concerns about the impact on their children are at the forefront of her mind. “We all need some breathing space. The spotlight feels relentless. I’m trying to draw a line under everything that has happened and do my best for my children,” she expressed.

Kyle Walker himself is reportedly desperate for Lauryn to stay away from the Euros, adding to the tension surrounding the situation. As England prepares for the tournament, Annie’s plea for a drama-free zone resonates loudly. Will Lauryn heed the warning, or will the feud continue to simmer in the public eye? Only time will tell.

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