US Actress Depend On Notes App while Coping With Memory Loss After a Stage Fall

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Megan Mackenzie, a 27-year-old actress based in New York, remembers the people in her life uniquely.

Megan, nicknamed “Dory” by her friends after the forgetful fish from Finding Nemo; uses a thorough note-taking app on her phone to overcome memory loss caused by a traumatic brain injury, according to The New York Post.

US Actress Depend On Notes App while Coping With Memory Loss After a Stage Fall

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Megan, 17, sustained the injury ten years ago when she jumped off a stage during a school performance and banged her head.

Megan developed long-term memory difficulties after sustaining what was once assumed to be a minor concussion. She began constructing digital profiles for loved ones in her phone’s notes app because she found it difficult to remember details about them.

These profiles contain valuable information such as birthdays, favorite colors, and even preferred hangouts, allowing Megan to reconnect with the people who matter most. Megan’s resilience has influenced many around her.Megan, a college educator, explained that she was thrown off a stage and hit the bottom of a piano when she was in school. She hit the back of her skull.

Then she needed to relearn how to speak and realized she didn’t have any memories anymore. She had blurry details about things and events and so spent the next many years adjusting to the new normal.

She explained that everyone has a personalized notes app. Many of her friends know her and have heard her repeat the same story a million times.

Many of them nickname her Dory [from Finding Nemo]. Her constant response was, “Just keep swimming.” Megan finds it difficult to remember what happened in the past or the next few months.

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