Tom Holland Sets the Record Straight on Relationship Rumors with Zendaya

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In response to speculation regarding his and Zendaya’s relationship, Spider-Man actor Tom Holland stated that they had “absolutely not” broken up.

As Zendaya recently went through a significant social media purge and unfollowed everyone, including Holland, on Instagram, fans have been wondering about the couple’s relationship situation.

Fans of the couple worried that Zendaya and Holland had broken up, even if it seems unlikely that the action was more than just an unfollowing frenzy or possibly related to marketing for her new film Challengers. (despite Holland still following Zendaya on his account).

Tom Holland  and Zendaya Relationship Rumours

Tomdaya fans should be relieved, as it appears that the prettiest couple in Hollywood is still very much a couple.

Tom Holland clarifies in a video that he and Zendaya haven’t called it quits, despite recent rumours (more on those in a moment!). He told a photographer on Friday, “No, absolutely not,” in response to a question about whether he and his long-term partner had broken up.

Although Zendaya unfollowed Holland and several other users on Instagram, it doesn’t have any bearing on her relationship. The actor, dressed in a bright green sweatshirt and black baseball cap, made it extremely apparent as he made his way to his car in Los Angeles.

Though the reason for Zendaya unfollowing Holland is unknown, it isn’t personal as she presently has 0 followers. Holland and she got to know one another while filming the Spider-Man movie together, as Peter Parker and MJ, respectively, on the set. They were the subject of rumours of an off-screen romance starting in 2017, but it wasn’t verified until 2021 when they were seen kissing at a stop sign in Los Angeles.

Even though they are more upfront about dating, they still maintain a high level of privacy. “Our relationship is something that we are incredibly protective of, and we want to keep as sacred as possible,” Holland said to The Hollywood Reporter last summer. Anything’s our thing, unrelated to our careers, and we don’t feel like we owe anything to anyone.


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