Reese Witherspoon Urges Hollywood: Embrace AI or Get Left Behind

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Hollywood has been advised by Reese Witherspoon to “get used to” AI since it is “here to stay”. The “Morning Show” actress urged others in the industry to learn more about technology and how it can be used to improve creativity, saying she doesn’t think artificial intelligence is “coming for your job,” but rather the people who know how to use it well.

Reese Witherspoon Advice About AI  to Hollywood

Speaking at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood for PaleyFest, she stated: “Just get used to it; it’s here to stay.” Furthermore, I believe those who know how to use AI will replace you in the workforce—AI is not coming for your job. So, become knowledgeable about it.

Reese Witherspoon Urges Hollywood Embrace AI or Get Left Behind

It ought to be a weapon we use to express our creativity, humanity, and morality. “That’s a big discourse; women, people of colour, and other marginalised groups occasionally need to be included in those growth spaces. Instead of being afraid, let’s jump right in.

The 48-year-old actress also owns the wildly successful production business Hello Sunshine. She feels that the recent strikes in Hollywood have caused a significant shift in the streaming landscape, ultimately making it “a little bit harder” to sell new series.

“For three to four years, streaming was the biggest thing. Content was always in high demand, and we could sell anything,” the speaker stated.

Regarding the purchasing and selling scene, a portion of the strike served as a reset for these streaming services, which are not profitable for the studios, giving them a chance to rethink, downsize, and reduce expenses.

“So, it sounds like we’ll see less, which is good. It was all mayhem. A flea market was there. We can moderate our pace. However, it will be more difficult and will involve greater intention.

Furthermore, Reese acknowledged that many streaming providers withhold ratings, which will negatively affect actors’ careers because it leaves them without evidence to support their claims in contract negotiations.

With a gesture towards her “Morning Show” co-star Jennifer Aniston, she questioned whether such jobs would ever be feasible. Are there chances for someone to become an actual star? With no transparency in the data, how do you know? How can we tell if something was successful or unsuccessful?


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