Carnie Wilson’s Weight Loss Revelation: Why She’s Saying No to Ozempic and Yes to a Sugar-Free Lifestyle!

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Renowned singer Carnie Wilson has disclosed that her physician advised her not to take Ozempic, saying she was “too scared” of the possible adverse effects to follow his advice.

Following her proud announcement that she had lost forty pounds, the 55-year-old Hold On hitmaker—who first gained recognition as a member of the pop group Wilson Phillips—has come under intense scrutiny for her weight loss in recent months.

Pictures of her toned body spurred a lot of rumours that Carnie had started taking drugs to lose weight. But, she has since angrily denied those rumours, saying that her doctor had given her a serious “caution” against using treatments like Ozempic to lose weight.

Carnie Wilson lost forty pounds by eliminating sugar and gluten from her diet

She told to Fox News that her physician had informed her that other patients had visited the hospital due to Ozempic adverse effects.

Carnie Wilson lost forty pounds by eliminating sugar and gluten from her diet2

Wilson is promoting her AXS TV cooking show, “Sounds Delicious with Carnie Wilson,” which premieres on April 16. Wilson previously lost over 100 pounds after undergoing gastric bypass surgery.

The announcement follows an online interview on Tuesday in which the singer and TV personality discussed her health journey with “Entertainment Tonight” co-host Nischelle Turner. She added to Turner that she didn’t “want to take any risks of any side effects” from taking prescription medications for weight loss. She adopted a “strict” sugar and gluten-free diet in its place.

“I felt as though someone told me, ‘You’re done. I’ve never eaten this way, but I’m looking at it like my sobriety, just one day at a time. You know, you’re done eating the food that makes you feel like crap. I won’t eat this dessert or even taste it for today. I’m being quite severe.”

Wilson stated that “something switched” for her and that “the weight is just shedding off naturally.” Wilson is the daughter of Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys.

“My eating habits are more akin to corn tortillas than flour. Before telling Turner, “I’m going to eat what I want, but I just don’t eat sugar or gluten, and it’s working, and I just feel better,” Wilson said, “I eat brown rice, I eat some rice, I eat plenty of tortilla chips and guacamole.”

Wilson continued, “That’s not the goal here, but I still want to lose some weight.”

Featuring celebrity cameos from stars like John Stamos, “American Idol” alum David Archuleta, and “Sugar Ray” lead vocalist Mark McGrath, “Sounds Delicious with Carnie Wilson” will debut later this month.

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