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Atlético Nacional will pull through

Viernes, marzo 6th, 2009



homevgiovannimorenoelc06032009_hAdministrators’ and coaches’ notes are full of suggestions for what hopefully constitutes the road to recovery for soccer team Nacional. The meeting suggested by EL COLOMBIANO proved productive as coaches, reporters, administrators and fans gathered to give ideas to fight the worst crisis in the team’s 60 years.

As far as pressure from fans, Telemedellin reporter Juan Felipe Mejia asked to what point they’ve been allowed to guide the team’s decisions and alluded to the boundaries that need to exist between both.

Strengthen youth divisions to contribute to the birth of true idols and leaders, like those so abundant in Nacional’s history; recover the sense of belonging; get better counsel in the hiring process and lower pressure over negative results were some of the suggestions heard.  


nacionalelcolombianoFor former club president Silvio Mejia, the solution is in the leadership and in the “heads, hearts and spirit of the players”. In reference to the players “the issue is not money, it’s compromise”, said Leon Fernando Villa, former player from one of the team’s most successful eras.

There are plenty of ideas, now it’s important to apply them wisely so Nacional has a future.

Concern over future of Nacional

Lunes, septiembre 22nd, 2008

Major shareholders of the soccer team, Nacional, met with coaching staff and players after the ‘classic’ (name given to games played by 2 teams from the same department).

Everybody is concerned over the difficult time the team is going through (not much soccer and little show of improvement).

In a friendly, but firm and direct tone, there was talk of the need for a comeback. There is no lack of compromise; however, danger is close by next Wednesday’s when they take on Millonarios, now the team of former Nacional coach Oscar Quintabanni, in Bogotá.

The situation puts the ‘green’ team in a stressful position as it could mean being left out of December’s final, the most important one.

Duel between friends

Viernes, agosto 29th, 2008


The game between Equidad Seguros and Nacional will be a duel between friends, two teammates who lived through many happy times on the green team and who today will have to be “against” each other with their strategies on the soccer field in Bogota.

For today’s 3:30 game, for the beginning of the II Mustang Cup, both coaches will modify their lineups.

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