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DIM, missing 5 defenders

Lunes, marzo 2nd, 2009


DIM team doctor José Fernando Arango ruled out the possibility that the number of injured players on the team has anything to do with their workload and said it’s simply a “stroke of bad luck”. Although disappointed to have six players, five of them defenders, out for Thursday’s game against Envigado, it is possible that Andres Felipe Ortiz will be back by then, possibly Samuel Vanegas as well.

On their part, Envigado said their lineup is normal as they’ll only have one player sitting out on Thursday, and another two injured last Sunday should be back in the game by then.

Euro moves to La Frontera

Viernes, diciembre 12th, 2008


Euro Supermarket is making the leap from the Central Wholesaler of Antioquia to an exclusive sector in Envigado, where it expects to serve 40 per cent of the clientele who lives in the city as well as the neighborhood of El Poblado.

Located less than a block from Carulla, the company will build a 2,400 cubic meter building and make a 10 billion peso investment. Close to 300 jobs will be generated during construction and, in February when cash registers begin to ring, 225 employees will benefit directly and 130 indirectly.

The competition should be interesting because Euro sources say groceries end up costing 15 per cent less here.

39 members of the “Office” captured

Viernes, octubre 10th, 2008


Antioquia’s Police captured 39 people in Medellín and other cities in Eastern Antioquia, all identified as members of the so-called “Oficina de Envigado” (Envigado’s Office), a criminal organization dedicated to drug trafficking and homicides.

Among the detained are 3 important leaders of the group such as alias ‘El Indio”, head of hired assassins who, according to authorities, is responsible for multiple homicides; also captured was Alias ‘la Ardilla’, responsible for the traffic of drugs through Panama.

The arrests were made early Friday morning in a joint operation between the Police and the DA’s Office. Of the 39 in custody, 23 had warrants out for conspiracy to commit murder, traffic of narcotics and homicide. “The Office” is constantly disputing other criminal groups for control of the drug business in the region.

Families scammed in Envigado

Miércoles, agosto 20th, 2008
In Envigado 120 families fear they have been victims of a scam that could possibly ruin their dreams of owning a worthy home.  Three years ago they were invited to participate in an urban development project led by a woman named Yolanda Velásquez, representative from an association called Semillas de Paz (Seeds of Peace), which has lost its legal capacity due to irregularities in its bookkeeping.

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