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Ciro’s not giving up

Lunes, mayo 2nd, 2011

Club president Jorge Osorio Ciro says he hasn’t lost hope in Independiente Medellin despite the fact that the team is in second to last place in the Postobon League, because he feels it has the potential to achieve a better position.

He’s also aware that his hope must be fueled by better performance on the field and a more efficient mix of experience and youth for the second semester.

DIM gets back to work

Lunes, febrero 28th, 2011

With their eye on next Sunday’s game against Real Cartagena, the players of Independiente Medellin resumed training. The team was not sanctioned for an excess of yellow cards and is now willing to correct a number of defense issues; morale is high after three Postobon League victories.

DIM’s athletes worked on the field of Antioquia’s School of Engineering and will continue to train there on Mondays.

DIM confirms starters for weekend game

Jueves, septiembre 16th, 2010

Yesterday’s training session in eastern Antioquia helped confirm Independiente Medellin’s starting line-up for tomorrow’s game against the Envigado soccer club.

On the ‘Las Mellizas’ field, head coach Edgar Carvajal indicated that Bayron García; Lewis Ochoa, Anselmo de Almeida, Hernán Pertuz, Juan David Valencia; John Javier Restrepo, Juan Ortiz, Nelson Barahona, Luis Mosquera; Luis Arias and Felipe Pardo will be the starters tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. at the Atanasio Girardot in Medellin.

DIM plans to start strong

Martes, enero 26th, 2010

Foto: El ColombianoWith Coach Leonel Alvarez at the helm, Medellin’s DIM is preparing rigorously for Saturday’s game against Santa Fe at the Atanasio Girardot Stadium.

The “red” team plans to stop at nothing to make sure it’s well prepared for two national tournaments and the Santander Libertadores Cup; this year no tournament will take prevalence over another but they will all be faced with the same responsibility, said Jhon Javier Choronta.

Tressor Moreno is expected to sign on with the team between today and tomorrow; already signed are Anselmo de Almeida, Nelson Barahona and Roberto Carlos Cortes. Pelusa Orrego is still awaiting a decision but has been preparing with the team.

A possible roster for this weekend: Aldo Bobadilla, Ricardo Calle, Anselmo de Almeida, Leiton Jiménez, Roberto Carlos Cortés, Choronta Restrepo, Luís Carlos Arias, Juan Esteban López, Nelson Barahona, Tressor Moreno AND Felipe Pardo.

DIM looks for more than talent

Jueves, enero 14th, 2010

Talented soccer players are anything but scarce in Medellin, but DIM Coach Leonel Alvarez and the other directors want even more. Alvarez says final details are still in the works for this season’s definitive roster.

Midfielder Tressor Moreno practiced with the team in Llanogrande yesterday, but whether or not he will be signed hasn’t been confirmed  been confirmed yet. Coach Alvarez said a name to replace Jackson Martinez could be released any day now.

Gustavo owns a chunk of DIM’s story

Viernes, diciembre 18th, 2009

Gustavo Arbeláez started his collection only five years ago but already has 61 Independiente Medellin jerseys. He didn’t buy the 1957 championship shirt because it was too expensive; “they asked me for more than 4 million pesos”, he recalls. Regardless, he’s happy because he owns “gems from the 70′s, from the 2002 and 2004 titles”, but he’s asking Baby Jesus for a jacket with five stars. Hopefully the team gives him that star on Sunday.

DIM gets points back

Miércoles, septiembre 9th, 2009

dimdemandaAlthough the Independiente Medellín soccer club hasn’t been officially notified of the verdict in the case against Carlos Mario Castro, player used by Santa Fe in the under-18 category, the Dimayor Disciplinary Committee did determine that Castro is past the age of eligibility and the three points lost on the field will be returned to DIM.

“We have found out, off the record, that the court’s decision is in our favor”, said manager Iván Roldán. With the points returned DIM will move up to first place in the championship. Santa Fe can still appeal.

Complicated future for DIM

Viernes, marzo 6th, 2009


Life just got complicated for DIM (Deportivo Independiente Medellin) after its 1-2 loss to Envigado on Thursday. Numbers don’t add up anymore with their performance in the Colombian Championship at 17%, having lost the past 10 games.

To make it into the Mustang Cup, DIM has to get at least 25 points, which means eight wins and one tie as of March 15th when it faces Huila.

DIM, missing 5 defenders

Lunes, marzo 2nd, 2009


DIM team doctor José Fernando Arango ruled out the possibility that the number of injured players on the team has anything to do with their workload and said it’s simply a “stroke of bad luck”. Although disappointed to have six players, five of them defenders, out for Thursday’s game against Envigado, it is possible that Andres Felipe Ortiz will be back by then, possibly Samuel Vanegas as well.

On their part, Envigado said their lineup is normal as they’ll only have one player sitting out on Thursday, and another two injured last Sunday should be back in the game by then.

DIM has lineup ready

Lunes, febrero 16th, 2009


Independiente Medellín arrived in Brazil on Monday to prepare for its game against Sao Paulo on Wednesday in the Morumbí Stadium at 7:50 p.m. Although the mood was somber after a 1-3 loss against Cali,the team is optimistic they will do well in this first phase of the continental tournament; defending champion is the University League of Ecuador.

The team will become familiar with the field on Tuesday; starters are Aldo Bobadilla, Iván Corredor,Samuel Vanegas, Andrés Felipe Ortiz, Juan David Muriel, Jair Benítez, John Javier Restrepo, Juan Esteban Ortiz, Isidro Candia, Jackson Martínez and Diego Cabrera.

Alternates are Ricardo Calle, Byron García, Róger Cañas, Rafael Castillo and Luis Carlos Arias.


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