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Ciro’s not giving up

Lunes, mayo 2nd, 2011

Club president Jorge Osorio Ciro says he hasn’t lost hope in Independiente Medellin despite the fact that the team is in second to last place in the Postobon League, because he feels it has the potential to achieve a better position.

He’s also aware that his hope must be fueled by better performance on the field and a more efficient mix of experience and youth for the second semester.

DIM, champions for the fifth time

Lunes, diciembre 21st, 2009

elcomodulodimcampeon_20122009Deportivo Independiente Medellin gave die-hard fans an early Christmas gift by winning its fifth national Copa Mustang title on Sunday against worthy opponent Huila. A previous DIM victory against Huila in Neiva ended up being the deciding factor in the 2-2 game.

Jackson Martinez, in his last game with Medellin, set the record for most goals in a short season with a total of 18. He took a victory lap with the flag of his native Chocó on his back and offered his victory to God, “who gave me the fifth star”.

Seven months proved to be all rookie coach Leonel Alvarez needed to lead the red and blue team to a victory fans had been waiting five years to celebrate again.

Gustavo owns a chunk of DIM’s story

Viernes, diciembre 18th, 2009

Gustavo Arbeláez started his collection only five years ago but already has 61 Independiente Medellin jerseys. He didn’t buy the 1957 championship shirt because it was too expensive; “they asked me for more than 4 million pesos”, he recalls. Regardless, he’s happy because he owns “gems from the 70′s, from the 2002 and 2004 titles”, but he’s asking Baby Jesus for a jacket with five stars. Hopefully the team gives him that star on Sunday.

Complicated future for DIM

Viernes, marzo 6th, 2009


Life just got complicated for DIM (Deportivo Independiente Medellin) after its 1-2 loss to Envigado on Thursday. Numbers don’t add up anymore with their performance in the Colombian Championship at 17%, having lost the past 10 games.

To make it into the Mustang Cup, DIM has to get at least 25 points, which means eight wins and one tie as of March 15th when it faces Huila.

DIM, missing 5 defenders

Lunes, marzo 2nd, 2009


DIM team doctor José Fernando Arango ruled out the possibility that the number of injured players on the team has anything to do with their workload and said it’s simply a “stroke of bad luck”. Although disappointed to have six players, five of them defenders, out for Thursday’s game against Envigado, it is possible that Andres Felipe Ortiz will be back by then, possibly Samuel Vanegas as well.

On their part, Envigado said their lineup is normal as they’ll only have one player sitting out on Thursday, and another two injured last Sunday should be back in the game by then.

DIM has lineup ready

Lunes, febrero 16th, 2009


Independiente Medellín arrived in Brazil on Monday to prepare for its game against Sao Paulo on Wednesday in the Morumbí Stadium at 7:50 p.m. Although the mood was somber after a 1-3 loss against Cali,the team is optimistic they will do well in this first phase of the continental tournament; defending champion is the University League of Ecuador.

The team will become familiar with the field on Tuesday; starters are Aldo Bobadilla, Iván Corredor,Samuel Vanegas, Andrés Felipe Ortiz, Juan David Muriel, Jair Benítez, John Javier Restrepo, Juan Esteban Ortiz, Isidro Candia, Jackson Martínez and Diego Cabrera.

Alternates are Ricardo Calle, Byron García, Róger Cañas, Rafael Castillo and Luis Carlos Arias.


Former DIM directives detained

Lunes, enero 5th, 2009


A prosecutor from the National Unit for the Termination of Ownership Rights and Against Money Laundering ordered preventive detention, without the benefit of release, against ten DIM directives.

Those detained are: José Rodrigo Tamayo Gallego, Claudia Patricia Toro Tamayo, Soraya Patricia del Pino Castrillón, Mario de Jesús Valderrama Gómez, Francisco Javier Velásquez González, Luís Fernando Jiménez Vásquez, Libardo Serna Ángel, Roberto Cárdenas Camargo and Carlos Arturo Valencia Toro; they are being charged with money laundering.

Former president of DIM turns himself in

Jueves, diciembre 18th, 2008


Former president of DIM (Deportivo Independiente Medellin), Rodrigo Tamayo, turned himself in to the Attorney General yesterday, after the entity issued a warrant for his arrest one week ago for alleged money laundering.

Thirteen other soccer club administrators, both former and current, were arrested one week ago; authorities arrested former presidents of the club, Francisco Javier Velásquez and Mario de J. Valderrama, as well as former General Manager and current Assistant Manager, Libardo Serna Angel.

Tamayo was at the head of DIM between 1988 and 1992 and later returned in 1998 until 2007, when he sold the association to Sueños del Balón (Dreams of the ball).

Medellín dressed in red and blue

Miércoles, diciembre 17th, 2008


The city of Medellín resembled a red blanket last night, not just in the stands of the Atanasio Girardot Stadium, where fans took over the venue, but also in neighborhoods all over town where red and blue flags were everywhere, before, during and after the 90 minute game.

DIM fans are anxiously expecting their team to bring back their fifth star from Cali on Sunday.


No doubts for classic

Martes, noviembre 25th, 2008


Just a day shy of classic number 255, things are very clear for both Atlético Nacional and Independiente Medellín.

As far as the green team goes the only novelties, which are temporary according to team doctor Federico Upegui, are the physical ailments of Cristian Correa and Luis Alberto Perea, who confirmed they will play on Thursday.

For DIM, coach Santiago Escobar confirmed that Ivan Corredor will replace Omar Pérez, who is on disability for a week.

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