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Atlético Nacional will pull through

Viernes, marzo 6th, 2009



homevgiovannimorenoelc06032009_hAdministrators’ and coaches’ notes are full of suggestions for what hopefully constitutes the road to recovery for soccer team Nacional. The meeting suggested by EL COLOMBIANO proved productive as coaches, reporters, administrators and fans gathered to give ideas to fight the worst crisis in the team’s 60 years.

As far as pressure from fans, Telemedellin reporter Juan Felipe Mejia asked to what point they’ve been allowed to guide the team’s decisions and alluded to the boundaries that need to exist between both.

Strengthen youth divisions to contribute to the birth of true idols and leaders, like those so abundant in Nacional’s history; recover the sense of belonging; get better counsel in the hiring process and lower pressure over negative results were some of the suggestions heard.  


nacionalelcolombianoFor former club president Silvio Mejia, the solution is in the leadership and in the “heads, hearts and spirit of the players”. In reference to the players “the issue is not money, it’s compromise”, said Leon Fernando Villa, former player from one of the team’s most successful eras.

There are plenty of ideas, now it’s important to apply them wisely so Nacional has a future.

Estiven Velez returns to Nacional

Miércoles, noviembre 19th, 2008


Estiven Velez will return to soccer and the Nacional team after being absent for two months due to personal difficulties in the club. The wing from Manrique returns willing to take advantage of the opportunity and anxious because “the game on Sunday against Equidad is like my first game wearing the green jersey, with which I have always wanted to succeed”.

Estiven Velez’s nightmare

Jueves, octubre 2nd, 2008


Wing forward, Estiven Vélez is living a nightmare these days after he was threatened for having made a mistake in the game Nacional lost against Pereira, he was ejected from that game.

Nacional Soccer Club’s President, Victor Marulanda, said “we reached an agreement and he will be placed elsewhere”. Besides the athlete’s peace of mind, the administrators also want to justify the investment they made in his athletic rights; until recently he had been a part of Colombia’s National Team.

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