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Medellin native Berta Lucia Villa lived in the United States as a child; with Colombian parents and siblings she was taught to speak Spanish at home and English at school and thus became fully bilingual. In 1987 she returned to Medellin where she finished high school and 2 years of Journalism studies at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, then moved to the capital to complete another 2 years of Journalism at the Universidad de la Sabana.

What to major in was never really a question for her,  all Berta ever wanted to do was work in Journalism.  In the early nineties being bilingual in Colombia was still rare, so there was much demand for English teachers which she became at a young age. She taught in places such as Centro Colombo Americano, Executive English Systems and Universidad de La Sabana until she was offered the chance to work for one of Colombia’s largest radio networks, RCN (National Radio of Colombia).

In 1999, Berta was the International News Producer for La F.M., a daily news show that aired in Colombia. She was also the on-air translator for the show.

Currently Berta teaches Spanish at Discovery School in the United States to children from Preschool to 6th Grade. Her love of her country and of languages allows her to enjoy this opportunity tremendously and she is happy to be able to share the beauty of her country and the Spanish language with her students.

Berta lives in Ohio with her 5 year-old daughter, Raquel.

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