Carlos Vives brings us Clasicos de la Provincia II

carlos-vives-colprensaThis October 21st will be 75 years since the birth of Carlos Huertas, one of the most important vallenato composers whose ‘El Cantor de Fonseca’ was recorded by Carlos Vives in an unforgettable version for his “Clásicos de la Provincia” more than 15 years ago.

For this reason as well as Vives’ love for the vallenato of La Guajira, and also because of his close friendship with Carlos Huertas Jr., he not only recorded another one of Huertas’ songs for the second installment of ‘Clásicos de la Provincia’ but it will also be the first radio release scheduled for next week.

“It’s a song about a poet who loses it all through the years and scolds women for leaving him alone”, said Carlos Vives during the launching of his partnership with the chain Exito, where his album can be purchased as of September 30th.

Starting this weekend, Colombians can purchase the first single from the album titled “La Muchachita” on the superstore’s website as well as preorder the full length album starting September 28th.

According to the artist this album had been in the works ever since the first volume was in production. “I always thought there should be more than one album so we could introduce more of our folklore, but the record company disagreed. Can you imagine what they would have sold had they listened to me?”

And he added, “with Clasicos de la Provincia we revolutionized Colombian music by taking traditional forms and mixing them with new patterns. Back then it was seen as disrespect for our folklore, but little by little it was understood and then made it to where it is today. With the second volume I feel we were much more disrespectful”.

It wasn’t easy for Carlos and his band “La Provincia” to select the songs for this second volume, which arrives a year after his “Pombo Musical” project and five after “El Rock de mi pueblo”.

“It was a hassle because we went all the way back into vallenato’s prehistory, and so there were lists and lists of songs. I think we have songs for a third and fourth volume of ‘Clasicos de la Provincia’ if the public wants them”.

“We won everything with original songs. Now we want to do the same with these classics, in honor of our folklore and its creators. How lovely would it be to bring a Grammy home to composers who are still alive or to the families of those who have passed”.

Although it’s hard for the singer to choose favorite songs from the album, among them is ‘La Cachaquita’, one he dedicates to his young daughter. “My baby is a ‘cachaquita’ and I want her to feel proud of it. Besides, there are few songs as lovely dedicated to women from Bogota”.

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  1. ANDRES Dice:


  2. Vivian Dice:

    Es hermosa, bravo Carlos por recordarnos nuestras raíces!!

  3. victor huertas Dice:

    sin duda es una excelente produccion,y por lo demas desearia que me enviaran a mi correo, el e-mail o algun telefono de carlos huertas jr. soy su primo pero vivo en maracay venezuela y soy productor musical tambien. sin mas que agregar, saludos a todos.

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