Businesses focus on the new middle class

The nation’s business leaders are aware of the fact that, between now and the year 2020, there are likely to be seven million Colombians joining the middle class. Businesses will have to focus on offering products and services to satisfy the needs of hard-working consumers who demand transparency as well as quality.

“It’s a new Colombia emerging to make demands, and not always patiently; to become involved, and not always in an organized fashion; to participate, but not always spontaneously(…),” said Andi president, Luis Carlos Villegas.

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  1. Alberto Hurtado Londono Dice:

    Alberteacher from bilingual Guarne Stereo Colombia says: I totally and proudly agree that Colombia is in the right path to better the conditions of the lower class (or extract 1-2-3)and driving most of them into the middle class. Our PIB is far better than that of many other countries. This whole panorama started with President Alvaro Uribe and his government plan of ‘social security’. When people can go to places of their preference without being afraid of getting kidnapped, the whole economy thrivevis or makes steady progress, prosper, grows vigorously. People have short memory…don’t remember that prior to 2000 noone was able to drive a car in most venues of our territory…that’s a lot to say. That’s my humble point of view. What’s yours. I’d like to know.

  2. Juan Guillermo Dice:

    Really, I did not understand this news, could you tell me what is the main idea of it, please.

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