Pablo Catatumbo says Farc will give up weapons, but not hand them over

Farc chief, alias “Pablo Catatumbo”, who is participating in peace talks between the Colombian government and Farc in Havana, Cuba, said the guerrilla group is willing to give up their weapons, but will not hand them over.

“For us it’s a matter of principle to give them up, but not hand them over. Those weapons have cost us a lot of blood, there are many dead, many widows behind those weapons,” he said. The problem, the Farc leader explained, is not the weapons themselves, but the effect they cause, hence the guerrilla is very much aware of the fact that, at some point, there will have to be a discussion as far as what to do with all the war weaponry.

Catatumbo, who has been in Havana for two months and was close to “Alfonso Cano”, killed in combat in 2011, said “if what they want is the satisfaction of humiliating us, don’t ask us that, but we can find the way to make it so that those weapons are no longer used for war (…) Nelson Mandela never handed over a gun (…)”.

The Farc representative made these statements in response to President Juan Manuel Santos’ recent comments about Farc’s refusal to hand over the weapons.

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  1. Alberto Hurtado L. Dice:

    Alberteacher says: Catatumbo the one who probably sent Cano to ‘la tumba’ keep on saying they…farc-thugs will not surrender the weapons they have used for decades to kill, kidnap, rape tens of thousands of our countrymen-women-children.
    Let’s ask the government to not be so naive…all those who have seized and detained unlawfully for ramson… or killed for the sake of their bandit proposals, all they are doing is enjoying long vacations near the bearded ones. All criminals get VIP treatment at Cuba’s Laguna…look at their pictures now…fat-cats! People of Colombia stop this nonsense! They are using our tax monies to feed thugs!

  2. jose luis Dice:

    It´s very interesting read news in english in El Colombiano, should be write them more often, I enjoy trying to know what say these lines.

  3. jose luis Dice:

    I don´t believe that the goverment can getting so easy the peace,beause this is a business to booth parts, if they get the peace what would be happen with all that people militaries, troops. would be the end?

  4. Paula Cardenas Dice:

    Si las Farc no estan dispuestas a dejar las armas, entonces que vana hacer con ellas, que no crean que el resto de colombianos somos tontos y que creemos que firman la paz y con las armas van a jugar golosa. Que esta esperando Santos para dejar de negociar con estos terroristas…

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