Controversy over interoceanic canal in Nicaragua

The construction of an inter-oceanic canal in Nicaragua by a Chinese company has Colombians wondering whether or not it brings the legality of a recent ruling by the International Court of Justice in the Hague into question. First to bring it up was Colombia’s former Foreign Relations Minister, Noemí Sanín, who questioned the ruling and China’s supposed vested interests in the Central American nation.

While Colombia has yet to issue an official statement on the issue, the fact that  Sanín’s comments could jeopardize Colombia’s diplomatic relations with China is now also a major concern. Some analysts feel that Ms. Sanín’s comments show blatant disregard for international law and are perhaps an attempt to divert attention from those who actually dropped the ball in the maritime dispute with Nicaragua that ended in a territorial loss for Colombia.

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  1. Alberto Hurtado L. Dice:

    It’s about time Ms Noemi Sanin comes out to join the conversation about her dear country, Colombia’s rights over maritime waters surrounding Saint Andrew and Providence Islands…I still don’t understand why Mr Saint didn’t stick to the Bogota treaty…and why did he allow, as president, the discussion at La Haya…Why did we allow some old-timers over there decide the future and livelihood (means of support; subsistence) of thousands of our country men and women who have depended on fishing and tourism to make ends meet for them and their families. Please Ms Sanin come out in the defense of our national interests….You’re smart enough to help in this struggle…Let’s not surrender our waters and territories to build another canal like we did in 1902…Remember…Let’s not forget!

  2. Javier Arbelaez Dice:

    China is less important to us than our wide portion of sea. Colombia has to put a step ahead an take back the sea. Doesn’t matter the businesses with China.

  3. Alberto Hurtado L. Dice:

    Alberteacher from Bilingual Guarne Stereo Colombia says: The Chinese not only want to build the Inter-oceanic canal through Nicaragua using our Colombian ocean waters….they’d like to buy anything and everything offered to them…they are buying the whole world…they have saved so many trillions of dollars just by using and underpaying its workers…as it is going we’ll have to learn chinese…that’s what Ms Noemi Sanin and many other concerned politicians should be doing right now…I’m doing my part: ni-yao-chema-mins (what’s your name)…Wo yao albertao…My name’s Alberto. That’s what I think. What about you and the rest of the world?

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