Colombian hands over Nicaraguan fishermen

The Colombian National Armada handed over 81 fisherman who were caught fishing illegally on the Nicaraguan fishing boat, Papa D, in the joint/regime area between Colombia and Jamaica.

Once all the paperwork was completed, Colombian authorities completed the handover in international waters. The Family Welfare Institute was present during the operation because two 17-year-olds were among the crew.

The captain of the vessel remains in the island of San Andrés and is awaiting arraignment; four other crewmembers also remain in custody.

The Armada stressed it will continue to protect sovereignty and carry out naval operations aimed at protecting natural resources, guaranteeing the rights of the State, and the integrity of the lines of maritime communication; it will also continue to develop search and rescue activities and take action against transnational crimes.

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  1. Jim Gomez Dice:

    Good for the Colombian US Navy defending our oceans!.
    Do you know that the Nicaraguan Canal will be built by China, Rusia, Iran and Venezuela?
    Do you know it will hace 14 locks from the Atlantic to the Nicaragua lake and 14 from the lake to the Pacific?
    Do you know that Colombia could have a level interoceanic canal without locks?
    Do you know the route was discoverd 160 years ago by Kennish?
    Do you know Colombian Law 53/1984 order the construction of the Colombian Canal?
    Do you know there is no Rules and regulations 30 years after the law?
    Do you know what is procrastination?
    Do you know that Colombia needs a Mix Company to build and operate the canal, similar to Ecopetrol?
    Do you know that the Colombian Canal will allow the pass of postPanama ships of 250.000 tons?
    Do you know thta the mpith of the Atrato River is seal by a sand bar that needs to be dredged?
    Do you know that because of that sand bar Rios Sucio Choco has been flooded for the past three years?
    Do you know thal last month El Colombiano showed pictures of the floods of Novita?

    Who knows when the Colombia Government will pay attention to the Atrato River, the fourth in volumen in the world?

    Best wishes, JIm Gomez

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