Nicolás Maduro is Venezuela’s new President

The President-Elect of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, vowed to live up to the legacy of deceased President Hugo Chávez and said there are some trying to undermine the institutions and infringe on the wish of the majority of Venezuelans.

“I am the son of Chávez, I am a ‘chavista’, I am the first ‘chavista’ president after Hugo Chávez Frías and I will fulfill his  legacy of protecting the humble, the poor, protecting the nation, caring for independence, of building socialism,” Maduro said.

After being declared the winner of Sunday’s elections Maduro said “the majority is the majority and must be respected.” “Anyone who tries to infringe on the majority in a democracy is staging or calling for a coup d’etat.”

The National Electoral Council said Maduro got 50,75 percent of the votes (7’563.747) and Henrique Capriles, 48,97 percent (7’298.491).

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  1. alberto hurtado Dice:

    Alberteacher writes: it would be very satisfactory (giving satisfaction sufficient to meet a demand or requirement) when someone goes to a presidency of a country knowing that a majority of people elected him or her…that would be a clear mandate….but in the case of Maduro when there is cloud of doubts! …no way! it´s going to be hard for the Venezuelan people to swallow or accept what really happened with millions of ballots burned, ignored or unaccounted for….Division and unrest will be in the minds of those who believed candidate Capriles had won the election. That´s what I think. What about you?

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