Piedad Córdoba says Santos’ term should be extended

Former Senator Piedad Córdoba suggested that President Juan Manuel Santos’ presidential term be extended by two years to allow time for the peace process to end in an agreement. Córdoba, who addressed the media from the University of Cartagena, said this is vital for the process to follow its course and avoid being destabilized due to politics.

The former senator said its better to extend Santos’ presidential term than to open the debate about the possibility of a reelection in 2014. “The President may not be thinking about reelection, but in a lot of people’s minds that is the belief, when what we are looking for here is peace,” she said.

Experts feel Córdoba’s idea is unviable because to expand the presidential term it would be necessary to modify the constitution, which would lead to a number of debates that would actually coincide with the campaign season.

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  1. Tobias Gutierrez Dice:

    Off course this Guerrila will say that. Santos has allied himself with the Terrorist FARC in an effort to win the Noble peace price. Peace talks that are being force on the Colombia people. A President that was elected on a platform to continue the possitive work that Ex President Uribe had done. A president “santos’ that would not be were he is without Uribe, that has betrayed the people of Colombia. Looking to talk peace with a terrorist group that does not want peace. He is basically given the country away (8 million Acres, is what the FARC want), change in the constitution to give a terrorist group amnesty over the otroseties that they have comminete in the last 50+ years. Impunity to the terrosit and the number 1 supporter of the FARC is this rat, Piedad Cordoba.

    Tobias III Gutierrez Usuga
    cc. xxxxx7934

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