Homicides went up in Medellín

In the two first months of 2013, homicides increased 21,2 percent in Medellín, compared to the same time period in 2012. This was the result revealed by the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences.

According to the report, as of February 28th, 2013, there had been 189 homicides reported in the city, while last year that number was 156. The most affected ‘comunas’ were 13 (San Javier) with 38; comuna 10 (La Candelaria) with 26; and 8 (Villa Hermosa), with 17. Those least affected were El Poblado, with no cases reported, comuna 1 (Popular) and 2 (Santa Cruz), each with three.

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  1. alejandro Dice:

    came here expecting to find a proper translation for “comuna”… smh

  2. Antioquia Bilingue Dice:

    We could refer to them as communes, which is the actual word for ‘comunas’ but because ‘comunas’ in Medellín differ significantly from what communes are in others parts of the world, we continue to use ‘comunas’ in local news to mark that difference. In some European countries, for instance, communes have their own mayor and council, which is not the case in Medellín…
    I often struggle with how to refer to them as well, but hey, suggestions are always welcome and appreciated. Thanks!

  3. Tadeu Mendes Dice:

    In order to avoid further misunderstandigs, I would suggest the combined term: shanty towns, wich reflects the type of materials used in the construction of homes and the sociological problems pertaining to these areas.

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