Medellín wins City of the Year

Medellín took the award for the Innovative City of the Year, according to an announcement made this morning by the Wall Street Journal.

“Our Number One City was so proud of their accomplishments that response was overwhelming, the WSJ said on its webpage.

More than one million votes were cast by January 31st of this year, it was shared 1,300 times on social networking sites, tweeted 40,000 times and received 150,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook.

The journal said Medellín has found new solutions to old problems, such as lack of mobility and environmental issues.

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2 Respuestas para “Medellín wins City of the Year”

  1. Ambrose Santiago Dice:

    Congratulations to all the hard working people of Medellin! A well deserved acknowledgement from The Wall Street Journal.

  2. alberto hurtado l. Dice:

    Alberteacher from Bilingual Guarne Colombia….I’m very proud to know that Medellin was chosen as the most innovative city in the world by The Wall Street Journal, one of the most prestigious Newspapers in the whole world….I was born in Sonson, Antioquia, but spent my teen years in Medellin. After 7 years I went to New York on vacations and after 11 months I decided to stay in the Big Apple…found great opportunities due to my english…and overall I spent 38 years doing great jobs and always studying english as a second language…Congratulations to the Eternal Spring City of Medellin…my second home and New York, my first home!

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