UN report questions human rights in Colombia

In Colombia human rights are still violated by members of the Military but this doesn’t necessarily translate into extrajudicial executions. According to Todd Howland, the representative of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Colombia, ‘a technical definition of false positives doesn’t exist. However, these could be defined as a strategy of the military forces to increase their war stats, using the civilian population.”

The UN also criticized Colombia’s Military Justice Reform, to which the Government responded defensively, insisting that there needs to be judicial security for the members of the Public Forces.

In the report, the UN claims the reform “infringes upon the basic separation of powers necessary for the judiciary’s independence.” It also says the reform “reflects a lack of trust and respect between the State’s institutions.”

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  1. alberto hurtado l. Dice:

    Alberteacher thinks that the worse human rights violation in Colombia is the minimum salary or wage…elite politicians are so stingy passing laws to raise it while they literally loot taxpayers monies. Shame on them…that’s why not many countrymen trust or respect them. Let’s look for honest and concerned citizens to help keep those thugs politicians ‘at bay’…is that o.k? What do you think and say?

  2. jajaja Dice:

    Why http://www.elcolombiano.com doesn’t publish this article?, would be people more concious of the kind of politicians they have? aahh this daily is friend of politicians… I see… I see…

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