Marquina says Hugo Chávez is a paraplegic

Venezuelan physician, Dr. Jose Rafael Marquina, who has provided unofficial online updates on the health of Venezuelan President, Hugo Chávez, since his diagnosis more than a year and a half ago, said today that the President is not actually getting any better.

According to Dr. Marquina, Chávez is bedridden and unable to walk, which could be due to one of two reasons: either the cancer has metastasized to his spine or it has affected his nerves. Aside from his lumbar issues, Chávez is also suffering from respiratory issues that keep hi from speaking normally. He underwent a tracheotomy, the doctor assured.

From the very beginning, Marquina has insisted President Chávez was given the wrong type of treatment for the type of cancer affecting him. “They thought it was colon cancer, when actually it was a sarcoma,” he said. After taking a close look at photographs published last Friday of Chávez surrounded by his daughters, the doctor said you can tell he is a paraplegic and that his seemingly healthy color could be makeup.

His full face, the doctor explained, is probably due to the extremely high dosage of steroids he receives. What stands out the most to Dr. Marquina, however, is that the President has not been seen in public. “Nobody has been able to see him, even though everyone knows he loves the media. Not even his friend Evo Morales (President of Bolivia) was able to see him.

Marquina believes Chávez returned from Havana because the Cuban doctors treating him can no longer do anything more to help him.

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