Shock and outrage over murder of two children

An entire community was shaken by the unfathomable murder of two innocent children whose only crime was to sneak onto a vehicle to hitch a ride.

Two boys, just 11 years old, knew it was dangerous to walk along certain streets in Comuna 13, their hard-working single mothers had certainly warned them enough. Sometimes, however, it’s easier to just forget and go play with friends.

Recently one of the boys’ mothers had even “bought him a cell phone and got cable TV so he’d stay home more and she could check on him more often,” a relative of one of the boys said.

On Saturday afternoon the boys, usually inseparable, ran off to play and no one heard from them until around 6:00 p.m. when a third child showed up with a horrendous tale. The boys had allegedly been taken by men wearing boots who started beating them and told the third boy to “get lost”.

The boy said they had all climbed into a delivery car without the driver’s knowledge and hitched a ride to a sparsely populated area, they got out and the car drove off, the boys stayed behind to play. Several men showed up and started to beat the older boys, the younger one was let go and came back with the story.

The boys’ relatives contacted authorities immediately; police went to the area to check but found only signs that the boys had been there. The boys’ bodies were found the next day in the afternoon, both were found in an abandoned ranch in Aguas Frías, the boys had been stripped down to their undergarments and were stuffed in sacs, they had multiple wounds to the head and torso.

“They were just children. All they did was play soccer and run errands, they never had any trouble with anyone,” one of the children’s relatives said.

Yesterday, both children’s mothers had to head to work despite the terrible loss they just suffered. The women know that losing a day’s pay just isn’t an option and that the products they sell from carts on the street are perishable, and to miss a day is to let them go to waste.   The families are trying to gather donations to pay for their sons’ funeral services.

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