Bus involved in crash was almost 20 years old

As with so many tragedies, the bus accident that took place yesterday on the road Bogotá-Girardot and left 27 dead could have been avoided. The bus was 19 years old and passengers had actually complained about its seemingly unsafe conditions; the vehicle’s brakes failed and the driver “thought the best place to try to stop the bus was a plantation, but there was a hole 10 meters deep that he didn’t see,” General Francisco Patiño of the Roads Police explained.

The roads and signage in the area were all satisfactory, but authorities explained that in order to avoid tragedies like this one, vehicles need constant checks to make sure they are in good working condition. The driver of the bus, who survived the crash, had been involved in at least five accidents of some severity prior to this one and the transportation company he works for has eight pending investigations for irregularities in the services provided.

Pope Benedict XVI said he was “deeply saddened” by news of the tragedy and sent his condolences to the families who lost loved ones.

Authorities are concerned because the busiest travel times of the year are yet to come. So far 35 people have died in traffic accidents in December.

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  1. francisco cuartas Dice:

    i was in a bus accident september 30/2010 between la dorada & honda both the bus driver of expresso bolivariano & the truck driver were guilty in this accident fot the high speed the bus driver was been driving at over 100 miles per hour in curve, both of the driver were talking by movil phone with a women at the time of the acident(i ask they are supposed to drive & talk by phone at the time that they are driven), neither of the bus driver use the seat belt(i know abiut this whem the bus turn over he fall over my injuried more my body instead he check cap if i am alive he seat over me & went out of the bus, whem i start to come over i hear he was said ifueputa my friend the other driver he kill. neither of them sufferend any injured, i saw his leg & grab his put i said put me out. he did he didn’t care of the passenger where dead of alive his only concern was the other driver, several buses of expresso bolivariano pass infront of us the have space to take some of the injured people that was dueng there for medical assistence. they go away without taking care of the injured people that was outside the bus. now the insurance company like in my case they don’t want to paid for my medical bills, treatment, surgeries, because i live in the united states. they go for medical advise of medicina legal in bogota that they appear in favor of the insurance company like in my case. publish this in the colombiano newspaper. francisco danilo cuartas london. iluve in west haven, connecticut, USA.

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