Colombia still seen as corrupt

To end up in 94th place in Transparency International’s 2012 Corruption Perceptions Index, out of 176 countries, proves not only that little progress has been made despite the many campaigns and measures taken to eradicate corruption, but must also raise a red flag for the Government in the sense that economic growth could become stagnant.

Denmark, Finland and New Zealand, tied for first place, were perceived to have the lowest levels of state sector corruption.

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  1. alberto hurtado l. Dice:

    Corruption….it all starts with congressmen and Senators and its secretaries who make millions and millions of pesos while the 99% of us, if lucky, make the minimum salary ….or less. How do lawmakers expect peace when they abuse our people…what do those people need 330 or more million pesos for survival?…. enough is enough….Let our people come….and realize we’ve been used for so long.
    Wake up and let our voices be heard. Alberteacher from Bilingual Guarne- Colombia thinks so. What about the rest of Colombians?

  2. Eddie McCarver Dice:

    Good Morning…
    I continue to read your articles regarding preception of Colombia…have you or the paper considered a blog in the paper from an expats prespective on the real Colombia who lives part time (eventually will be full time)in Medellin and in the US…eliminating the idea that Colombia is a one horse (product) country…I have friends who continue to be reluctant to travel and visit based on what they read and hear on the news without knowing that Colombia has changed over the last 5 years and continues to move forward….thanks for allowing expressions..

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