Medellín needs more developers

Medellín has its sights set on being the most innovative and technologically savvy city but computer programmers and developers are few and far between, which makes for a major setback in the pursuit of this goal. Just last week Unity Technologies CEO, David Helgason, was in the country looking for a city in which to set up offices for Latin America.

According to experts, Medellín missed out on the chance because there aren’t enough people who know the craft in depth. This shortage could end up costing Medellín major opportunities in the future and while the Government is looking into short-term solutions, schools are also being urged to address the problem early and prepare students who can satisfy the demand for experts in the development of technology.

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  1. Ambrose Santiago Dice:

    I am surprised the local media in Medellin has not reported on ESPACIO, TechCrunch and several technology blogs have written positive articles on this new startup.

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  2. Tapio Anttila Dice:

    David Helgason is one of the industry heavyweights and when he speaks it is useful to listen. Colombia has a lot of good things going for itself but “Rome was not built in a day”. How about making a little study tour to New Zealand, a giant little country in this field?

  3. Freddyc Dice:

    Como ahora ya a todos los ing. informáticos les dio por meterse a gerenciar proyectos, a especializarse en la famosa “Gerencia de Proyectos”; Igual el medio tampoco ayuda, los empresarios tampoco ayudan pagando sueldos terribles a los programadores, igualando sueldos de programadores master con dummyes.. pidiendo en un CV múltitud de skills donde para ser un experto programador se necesitan años … blablabla

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