Rum and art come together with Fernando Botero

Colombia’s beloved sculptor and painter, Fernando Botero, was approached by Antioquia’s Fábrica de Licores to create a commemorative bottle and label for rum that’s been aged 15 years.  The artist immediately agreed and got to work, sketching a bottle as unique as his paintings and sculptures with a detail from a painting he made in 2011 as the label. “It shows two men drinking,” he explained, adding that he thought it was appropriate, more so than a drawing of a woman would have been.

Proceeds will benefit the Antioquia Museum and Antioquia’s Institute of Culture; each will receive, if all 100,000 bottles are sold, 970 million pesos. The collector’s edition is yet another way to celebrate the artist’s 80th birthday and will be available next week, between November and January. The rum is made, according to production manager, Leonardo Gutierrez, “with crops that have been carefully tended to for many years. It’s a blend and has the finest attributes.”

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  1. Ambrose Santiago Dice:

    I love it! I really enjoy drinking a liter of rum out of a box but this is a much better presentation. I will purchase a few bottles as gift to friends and family back in the states.

  2. Antioquia Bilingue Dice:

    And if you know where we will be able to purchase them in the States please let us know!

  3. Fredy rodas Dice:

    Hi, very nice drink, where can I get it in usa.?

  4. Alberto Hurtado L. Dice:

    Alberteacher opines: I had the time of my life sipping and enjoying this fine Antioquia’s Rum bottled in a beautifully designed bottle by our master Fernando Botero. Our friends in Atlanta and Athens Georgia just loved it. I’ll do my best to give it to our acquaintances, family and friends. Good job….good taste! All for the best image of Antioquia to Colombia and the whole world.

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