Manchester City offers US$66 million for Falcao

Manchester City wants Radamel Falcao and is willing to fork over big bucks to get him.

The British team offered US$66 million for Falcao’s transfer and yesterday the athlete proved he’s worth the expense, scoring his seventh goal in the Europa League and paving the way for Atlético Madrid’s victory over Hannover in the quarter finals, 2 to 1.

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  1. Alberto Hurtado L Dice:

    Good for Radamel Falcao…good for his native land of Sea Coast and still better for Colombia…those big bucks will somehow come to our country for the good of all. I remember when in 1994 Ivan Ramiro Cordoba attended my American English Academy in Rionegro and was chosen for the World’s Cup in USA, then in 1998 I taught him some french and was taken to the World’s Cup in France…it shows that what I’ve been saying all along is true: if you speak and understand well spanish and English…you’re worth for three….ALBERTEACHER THINKS SO!

  2. Alberto Hurtado L Dice:

    I had the chance to go to Mr. Falcao’s Sea Coast birthplace…and the poor all over. Let’s hope he has a good heart, like Shakira, and start doing something really good for all those who suffer… so many hungry and struggling people around Barranquilla , Saint Martha, Coveñas, Tolu….his take on those 66 million euros is about 15 percent to say, almos 10 millions euros, just for the transfer, do the math! on top of that his contract will amount to millions and millions of dollars…billions of pesos….Good for Falcao, he has earned his place in soccer history…now let’s hope his head is as good as his heart and he starts helping his country men, women and children in need…indeed!…Alberteacher thinks so, what about you….what do you think?

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