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President’s approval rating falls, so does Gaviria’s

Lunes, febrero 25th, 2013

For the first time since President Juan Manuel Santos took office, there are more Colombians who disapprove of the job he is doing than approve, according to the most recent Gallup poll. Results revealed that the President’s approval rating fell nine points to 44 percent.

Most Colombians, 67 percent, believe President Santos has failed to handle the situation with guerrilla groups appropriately, while only 20 percent approve.

Meanwhile results were all that favorable for Mayor of Medellín, Anibal Gaviria, either. The poll showed that his approval rating among residents of Medellín dropped from 72 to 54 percent. Pessimism in Medellín also went up in the past couple of months, climbing from 43 to 54 percent, mostly because of insecurity.

Homecoming is a happy but difficult time for Alejandría

Lunes, febrero 25th, 2013

The wicked face of evil showed up in Alejandría on September 21st,1999 when eight men were massacred, their bodies scattered in different locations in the outskirts of town. Since then, fear and death made themselves at home and violence eventually drove about 60 percent of the population away, about 2,000 people.

Now those families forced to flee over the course of the past 12 years are starting to return, an overwhelming situation that led Mayor Uver Arvey Aguilar to declare a red alert in Alejandría because there simply aren’t enough resources available to fulfill  everyone’s needs.

In recent months, about 600 residents have returned, looking to pick up the pieces of the painful past they left behind and hopefully rebuild for a much more promising and brighter future.

Conclave will be allowed to meet early

Lunes, febrero 25th, 2013

On Thursday at 8:00 p.m. the Catholic Church will find itself without a Pope and the sede vacante period will begin.

Before his departure, however, Pope Benedict XVI made some major changes that include allowing the College of Cardinals that will elect his successor to begin the Conclave before 15 days have passed from the beginning of the sede vacante, as long as all voting Cardinals are present.

President says strike is “unnecessary and unfair”

Lunes, febrero 25th, 2013

Luis Genaro Muñoz, president of the National Coffee Growers' Federation, and President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos.

In Antioquia’s southeastern region, traffic was significantly lighter on Monday morning due to a strike organized by the nation’s coffee growers.

The representative for Antioquia’s Association of Coffee Producers (Aprocafé), Fabio Correa, announced the group would join the efforts of more than 4,500 participants, as he believes the crisis in the sector requires immediate urgent action on the Government’s part.

Coffee growers are protesting against a Government they claim has left them alone to survive a crisis that started more than a year ago, motivated by low grain prices, the peso’s revaluation and high prices of fertilizers and insecticides.

President Juan Manuel Santos called the strike “inconvenient, unnecessary and unfair” but said he respects coffee growers’ right to protest and asked that they refrain from altering public order or blocking the roads.

“No other administration has supported the sector like this one has,” Mr. Santos said, “Coffee growers haven’t been left alone. As a Government we have always been willing to support them. Coffee crops grew 64 percent in January of this tear, which shows that the sector is recovering.”

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