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Granada in state of emergency due to overpopulation

Miércoles, febrero 20th, 2013

The municipality of Granada, in eastern Antioquia, is facing a serious overpopulation problem due to the return of residents forced out of the area in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. The administration says it simply doesn’t have the resources to meet the needs of all the people returning. In recent years nearly 5,099 people, or 1,283 families, have quietly returned, generating an increase in demand in a number of areas.

“The town has financial problems. Because of displacement and violence it stopped getting taxes and with people’s massive return the municipality’s capability to serve them is worn out,” Mayor Fredy Castaño said.

In response to the situation, the administration decreed a State of Emergency hoping to channel departmental, national and international aid to benefit all those “who come to our town.”

Some 100 families have returned to Granada recently, which is nearly 500 people, and 1,500 more are expected in 2013. Approximately 700 people displaced from other Colombian towns have also chosen Granada as their new home.

With the State of Emergency in place, authorities hope to obtain the resources needed to meet the needs the town hasn’t been able to fulfill. “In matters of health and education we don’t have a problem. But road infrastructure, housing and aqueduct service have been overwhelmed.”

Bikers protest male passenger ban

Miércoles, febrero 20th, 2013

A demonstration to protest the measure banning male motorcycle passengers developed normally and ended with a gathering in the La Alpujarra Administrative Center, where participants asked governmental authorities to respect their rights.

With the slogan “We are not criminals”, demonstrators expressed their disapproval of the measure.

Official data indicates that 15 percent of violent deaths in 2012 involved motorcycles, as did 16 percent of personal theft, 25 percent of motorcycle theft and 50 percent of car theft.

The measure was initially applied for two months right befoe the holidays and was later extended thru July and approved by the mayors of the Aburrá Valley; authorities say it has contributed to a significant reduction in criminal activity. The restriction applies between 8:00 a.m. and midnight.

Colombia still not meeting its goals in competitiveness

Miércoles, febrero 20th, 2013

According to the president of the National Competitiveness Council, Rosario Córdoba, Colombia is still far from becoming one of the three most competitive in countries in Latin America by the year 2032, which is the goal. “We are just not seeing the accomplishments,” she said, adding that while countries like Mexico, Peru and Brazil consistently take steps forward, Colombia seems to be at a standstill if not taking a step back.

In the Global Competitiveness Index by the World Economic Forum, Colombia fell to 69th place, after being at 68 just the previous year.

Córdoba highlighted efforts originating in the public sector in terms of education, infrastructure, and Science, Technology and Innovation, but reminded the public that a country’s competitiveness improves only if productivity improves as well.

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