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Release postponed due to media presence

Jueves, febrero 14th, 2013

The release of two police officers kidnapped by the Farc guerrilla has been delayed due to an extremely high presence of reporters, according to the group of delegates waiting for the hostages. The representative for the International Red Cross for the southwestern region of Colombia, Angela Bertini, said Farc made the decision to postpone the handover because the media was chasing after the humanitarian committee .

Officers Cristian Camilo Yate and Victor Alfonso González were kidnapped on January 25th of this year and are expected to be released in La Cilia, a small indian reservation located in the department of Cauca.

The humanitarian committee, made up of members of the International Red Cross and Colombians for Peace, is still hoping the release will happen by the end of  today.

Free housing construction begins tomorrow

Jueves, febrero 14th, 2013

Construction will begin today on twenty free housing projects in that same number of towns, as part of the National Government’s plan to give away 5,457 free homes in 55 municipalities other than Medellín.

With a total of 284 projects, the Government is expected to give away 100,000 homes nationwide. Of the 5,457, 3,718 were awarded by the Government and 1,341 are included in the 10,000 given to Medellín, but they will be built outside the city thanks to a plan that allows victims of forced displacement the chance to return to their lands.

Pistorius charged in murder of Reeva Steenkamp

Jueves, febrero 14th, 2013

South African police charged paralympic champion, Oscar Pistorius, with the murder of his 30-year-old model girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, who was found shot to death in the Olympian’s home in Pretoria, South Africa.

Authorities are taking statements from neighbors and peope who may have heard something earlier in the evening before the shooting. Police said they have received reports of other incidents of domestic violence in the Olympians home but there was also talk of the chance that the fatal shooting was an accident, after the athlete mistook Steenkamp for a burglar.

Pistorius, who made history when he became the first Paralympic athlete to compete in the Summer Olympics last year in London, is notorious for what fellow athletes have described as a “complicated” temperament.

A court hearing is scheduled for Friday.

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