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Protests conclude without incident

Martes, febrero 12th, 2013

All four demonstrations to protest new appraisals and increases in property taxes scheduled for today were carried out peacefully and without incident. Participants also made it clear that politicians who oppose Mayor Anibal Gaviria were not behind the protests.

“We have nothing to do with politicians, as it was suggested to discredit our protest, this stemmed from people’s feeling that they have been betrayed by their governing leaders,” said Raul Echeverri, director of the Guayaquil Business Association, Asoguayaquil, who led the protest in the downtown area.

“I am respectfully asking Mayor Anibal Gaviria to sit down with us and members of the City Council to consider the possibility of lowering the amounts of these bills,” Echeverri said.

Demonstrations were over by 1:00 p.m. but participants announced that there will be others if the administration doesn’t offer some type of solution.

Hostages could be released by this weekend

Martes, febrero 12th, 2013

The Deputy Minister of Defense, Jorge Bedoya, said the release of two police officers and a soldier could happen on Thursday and Saturday if the information regarding the exact locations where the hostages would be handed over is given to the National Government by Tuesday evening.

If this happens, all military activity would be suspended in those particular areas from Wednesday at 6:00 until Friday at 6:00 a.m.

While it is known that the releases will develop over the course of two phases, it is still unclear which hostages will be released in each one.

Piedad Córdoba of Colombians for Peace and International Red Cross representatives got together on Tuesday to coordinate the operation as far as logistics and protocol; among other things, they will discuss the type of transportation that will be required. Córdoba said she is confident that all three men will be home before Sunday.

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