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Pope Benedict XVI shocks the world with his decision

Lunes, febrero 11th, 2013

Millions of Catholics around the world were stunned by Pope Benedict XVI’s decision to step down at the end of this month, as he no longer feels physically or mentally strong enough to carry out the ministry appointed to him.  Pope Benedict, born Joseph Ratzinger, was elected in 2005 to succeed Pope John Paul II and is the first Pope to resign since 1415.

The Cardinal Secretary of State and Camerlengo, Tarcisio Bertone, will lead the Roman Catholic Church until a new Pope is elected; the conclave of cardinals that will choose the successor is expected to convene in mid-March and make a decision before Easter.

Cardinal Rubén Salazar Gómez, president of the Colombian Episcopal Conference, who was made a cardinal by Pope Benedict XVI last November; is the only Colombian prelate who will be part of the conclave to select the next Pope. The 70-year old prelate is both eligible to vote for the next Pope and to be a candidate himself while Darío Castrillón, the other Colombian cardinal in the Vatican, is eligible to succeed the Pope but cannot participate in the conclave because he is over 80 years old.

Police arrest head of “la Oficina” in Panama

Lunes, febrero 11th, 2013

"Pichi" is a suspect in the massacre of nine people in this luxurious ranch in Envigado a few months ago.

Edinson Rodolfo Rojas, alias ‘Pichi’, one of the heads of the criminal gang known as “la Oficina’, was arrested yesterday in Panama, where he often traveled. ‘Pichi’ faces a number of charges that include drug trafficking, conspiracy to commit a crime and murder. The arrest was made in San Miguelito, a district of Panama City.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos confirmed the operation’s success and thanked his Panamanian counterpart, Ricardo Martinelli, for supporting the operation led by the Anti-Narcotics Police, which had been following ‘Pichi’ since 2008.

According to one police investigator who asked to remain anonymous, “Pichi’s” influence in Medellín was mainly in the areas of Aranjuez and Manrique.

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