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Santos said he has kept 64% of his promises

Martes, febrero 5th, 2013

The President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, claimed that he has kept 64 percent of the prmises he made during his presidential campaign. The goals for his administration, Mr. Santos explained, have been met greatly because of programs like Families in Action, which already surpassed the goal set for the four-year term.  “The Director of the Social  Prosperity Agency has informed me that we are beyond 2,6 million, which we had promised for the end of the term,” the President said.

The Government is now hoping that poverty and extreme poverty indicators reflect a reduction. If numbers show that poverty was reduced to less than 30 percent and extreme poverty to less than 10 percent, “then we will have met that goal one year and seven months ahead of schedule,” Mr. Santossaid.

Government and ICRC set protocol for hostage release

Martes, febrero 5th, 2013

Colombia’s deputy Minister of Defense, Jorge Enrique Bedoya, and the chief of the International Red Cross Committee delegation, Jordi Raichel, set up the protocol for the release of police officers Cristian Camilo Yate Sánchez and Victor Alfonso Gonzales Ramirez, and soldier Josué Alvarez Meneses. Yate and Gonzales were abducted on January 25th in a rural area of Valle del Cauca while Alvarez was taken a few days later in Nariño.

The Farc guerrilla announced they would release the hostages and that the Red Cross and the Colombians for Peace organization would act as mediators. The NGO and Farc must now go over the protocol and approve so that an exact time and date for the release can be revealed.

Governments extend deadline for property taxes

Martes, febrero 5th, 2013

In response to complaints from taxpayers, the local government agreed to extend the deadline for property tax payments; payments can now be made by  February 18th without a late fee.

Medellin’s Mayoralty also set up two new service centers: El Poblado’s Mascerca and the Belén Mascerca, in addition to the one already operating in the Nuevo Centro La Alpujarra building, where nearly 2,500 customers have already come in with questions.

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