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President rejects attacks and orders reconstruction of school

Lunes, febrero 4th, 2013

President Juan Manuel Santos adamantly rejected a terrorist attack perpetrated by the Farc guerrilla last Friday in San Vicente del Caguán, which destroyed the Balsillas school. It’s a “cowardly and irrational” act, the President said, and gave orders for the school to be rebuilt.

Mr. Santos reassured people that the nation will continue to fight these illegal armed groups until the conflict is brought to an end. The Government, he explained, is currently advancing towards the implementation of mechanisms that lead to longlasting peace, such as reparation for victims of the conflict.

“In the meantime, we will continue to make peace by other means, building schools, with projects that make fields more productive, providing reparation for victims. Here we already began an important reparation process, giving the lands that were taken from farmers back to them, and we are offering reparation nor just with a title, but with a productive project,” Santos said.

According to the President, if peace talks in Cuba result in an agreement, the residents of departments like Caquetá can be more at ease and this will mean better opportunities for development and economic growth.

Gerfor will try to recover in 2013

Lunes, febrero 4th, 2013

“2012 was an unfortunate years in terms of execution of Government projects,” said Jose María Escovar, the CEO of Colombian multinational, Gerfor. After a 50,000 million-peso investment in Colombia to optimize production of PVC pipes and other supplies for infrastructure and construction, Escovar explained that the Government’s failure to execute projects resulted in 150 layoffs and a five percent reduction in sales; plants are also operating at 50 percent.

“We see our products in many projects, ports, roads, aqueducts (…) but the Government needs to execute them,” Escovar said.

19 free housing contracts awarded

Lunes, febrero 4th, 2013

The free housing program in Antioquia is about to make significant progress with 19 new projects scheduled to break ground by the end of February.

Most will include at least 100 homes; in Caldas, San Carlos and Turbo the projects will have more than 100.  The names of contract winners won’t be released until the 11th of this month but the manager of Viva, Beatriz Rave, said letters inviting companies to bid on another 37 projects will be released between today and tomorrow.

Head of IACHR talks about justice

Lunes, febrero 4th, 2013

The head of the Inter American Court of Human Rights (IACHR), Diego García Sayán, said public hearings scheduled for March 18th and 22nd in Medellín, are important so people can witness a hearing, see how witnesses are cross-examined (…)”, adding that it’s important for everyone to understand that the Court makes decisions based on what can be proven and supported. “We are not a sacrosanct group of thinkers solving a case behind closed doors,” he said.

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