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Santos puts off signing specific tariff decree

Martes, enero 22nd, 2013

At the last minute, President Juan Manuel Santos decided to postpone signing the decree that would charge a specific tariff of four-dollars per kilo on fabric, clothing and shoe imports until he discusses it national importers and manufacturers.

With the tariff, the Government hopes will put a stop to the influx of fabrics and clothing at what the President refers to as “inexplicable prices”. The sector said the 4-dollar tariff would be insufficient, hence the Santos administration has agreed to take another look at it and possibly increase the amount.

Child abuse often comes from home

Martes, enero 22nd, 2013

In the first 21 days of 2013, there have been 36 cases of child abuse that resulted in the minor’s death; this not counting 17 violent deaths still under investigation, 16 accidental deaths, 13 suicides and 19 deaths in traffic accidents for a total of 105 victims.

According to the Family Welfare Institute, a significant portion of the abuse comes from home or people close to the child’s family; legislators are especially concerned because, although violence against adults is decreasing, against children the rate remains unchanged.

“Congress is to blame for high pensions”

Martes, enero 22nd, 2013

The heated debate surrounding the ‘exorbitant’ pensions enjoyed by some Government officials will begin today but there will be one noticeable absence: the State Council.  Its president, Gustavo Gómez, talked about the issue and concluded that judges will only apply what Congress has determined.

“The value of a pension is not decided by judges but by Congress. High pensions have been created by politicians and the administrations of the past 20 years,” Gómez said, adding that the public has been misled in the whole debate.

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