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Holiday trip becomes mother’s worst nightmare

Viernes, enero 18th, 2013

Natalia Gonzålez’s divorce from a Mexican citizen was finalized a few years ago in Colombia and she was awarded custody of her 3-year-old daughter.

Back in December, Natalia agreed to bring the little girl to Mexico so that her paternal grandparents could meet her. The child’s father, however, is now refusing to let her return to Colombia, arguing that Mexican law protects his claim to custody.

Women continue to be the target of violence in Latin America

Viernes, enero 18th, 2013

According to a report by the Pan American Health Organization, between 17 and 53 of women in 12 Latin American countries have been victims of some kind of mistreatment or sexual abuse by their significant others.

Between 41 and 82 percent of those women suffered physical injuries, from cuts and bruises to broken bones, burns and miscarriages; between 28 and 64 percent, however, did not file complaints or seek help from anyone.

The study revealed that Bolivia is the country with the highest index of abuse targeting women; in Colombia, 130 women were murdered by their spouses in 2011.

Oprah interview does little to improve Armstrong’s image

Viernes, enero 18th, 2013

Disgraced cyclist, Lance Armstrong’s highly anticipated interview with Oprah Winfrey did little to pacify disappointed fans, who felt Armstrong could have shown more remorse and empathy, especially for people like Betsy Andreu who first accused him of using performance enhancing drugs. Social media sites were instantly filled with comments from people claiming Armstrong seemed disconnected during the interview, and that he came off as arrogant.

For Andreu, who appeared on CNN’s Anderson Cooper show, the interview with Oprah was simply not enough and Armstrong is going about seeking redemption the wrong way. Lance Armstrong accused both Andreu and her husband, a fellow cyclist, of fabricating stories about him, going as far as fighting legal battles against the couple in an effort to discredit their allegations.

Armstrong was stripped of all seven Tour de France titles and, among others, a bronze Olympic medal from the 2000 Sydney Olympics for his use of banned substances to enhance athletic performance, a practice he adamantly denied for years.

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