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Bullfights remain the same, La Macarena starts tomorrow

Jueves, enero 17th, 2013

The 22nd La Macarena Bullfighting Festival kicks off tomorrow at 4:00 pm with Spaniards Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza and David Mora and Bogotá native, Ramsés, in the ring.

Santiago Tobón, the executive director of Cormacarena, the festival’s organizer, explained that the fights will have all three parts including the animal’s death, except in the case of a pardon.

Last year several local leaders, including Medellín’s Mayor, Anibal Gaviria, and 17 out of 21 councilmembers, campaigned to eliminate pain, suffering and death from bullfights but the effort didn’t make it very far and failed to bring about the changes they were asking for.

Banana crisis in Urabá could lead thousands to illegal crops

Jueves, enero 17th, 2013

The president of Sintrainagro, Guillermo Rivera, fears that the 3,000 workers who will lose their jobs when 32 banana farms close in Urabá will end up working in the coca plantations of the Abibe mountain range.

The Government, say business executives, needs to take the unemployment situation in this region seriously because it’s exactly the type of scenario that would make illegal armed groups rush to recruit laborers.

In Urabá, where banana farming is a source of income for 100,000 people, the level of unsatisfied basic needs is 53,18 percent, which is second only to the Lower Cauca region and a shocking four times higher than the Aburrá Valley where it is below 12 percent.

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