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Government and Farc both want speedy results

Lunes, enero 14th, 2013

The apparent discrepancy between Farc and the Colombian Government in terms of a timeline for peace talks doesn’t seem to be an issue any longer.

Both parties expressed their wish to bring celerity to the process, which analysts say may be due to the fact that they realize the talks have less public support than anticipated.

The Government may also want quicker results in an attempt to avoid more human losses as well as cut costs, because the talks have cost more than expected; it may also be a political effort to favor reelection.

President says surgery was total success

Lunes, enero 14th, 2013

The President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, assured Colombian people that he is completely cancer free.

Mr. Santos underwent surgery to remove a tumor in his prostate three months ago. He said a recent test confirmed that he is cured and that doctors have assured him the procedure was a complete success.

Tourists refuse to listen to authorities

Lunes, enero 14th, 2013

Dangerous waves in the Arboletes sea in Urabá led authorities to close the beach, but visitors are refusing to listen and insist on going in the water, despite a tragic accident on Saturday that claimed the lives of four members of one family.

Firefighters are permanently guarding the beach and the Police drives by every so often, but the response they’ve gotten from people is that the risk is “their problem” and not authorities’ responsibility.

A couple and two of their three children perished when a massive wave overturned the inner tube they were on; the parents’ bodies were found on Saturday and the children’s, ages 7 and 2, were recovered yesterday. A four-year-old girl survived, she is recovering in a hospital in Bello.

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