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GAFI takes Colombia off its blacklist

Viernes, diciembre 28th, 2012

The Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering, or GAFI, removed Colombia from its blacklist, which is an acknowledgement of the efforts the country has made to stop illegal financial activities and will also likely lead to an increase in foreign investment.

For the director of BASC (Business Alliance for Secure Commerce) in Antioquia, Anita Moreno, coming off the list makes Colombia trustworthy in the eyes of investors.

Workers unhappy with new minimum wage

Viernes, diciembre 28th, 2012

It took the Colombian Government longer to announce the increase in the national minimum wage salary that it did for workers’ unions to say they will file a suit with the Constitutional Court to fight it.

According to Julio Roberto Gómez, president of the General Labor Confederation (CGT), the 22,800 peso increase is offensive and laughable; “if we hadn’t seen the Minister of the Treasury with our own eyes we would think it was a joke, but unfortunately it’s a reality,” he said.

Gómez explained that the Government failed to consider the aspects that are supposed to be taken into account for the increase amount such as past and expected inflation rates and productivity; this will be the basis of any legal action taken by workers’ organizations moving forward.

Venezuelan doctor reveals details of President Chavez’ health

Viernes, diciembre 28th, 2012

From his office in Naples, Florida, Venezuelan doctor Jose Rafael Marquina reveals details of President Hugo Chavez’ health on a daily basis; he currently won’t reveal his sources but much of what he has reported in the recent past to his 193,000 Twitter followers has later been confirmed by the Venezuelan government.

Dr. Marquina said President Chávez knew his cancer was terminal ever since he was diagnosed a year and a half ago, but he kept it from the people of Venezuela because it might have cost him the presidential elections of last October.

Nine days after his most recent surgery in Cuba, where Chávez chose to undergo treatment, the doctor explained, “he still hasn’t surfaced to congratulate anyone for the regional elections.” For Dr. Marquina, Chávez cannot govern any longer and should not be expected to live beyond April of 2013.

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