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No more cell phone signal inside prisons

Miércoles, diciembre 26th, 2012

Colombia’s Justice Minister, Ruth Stella Correa, confirmed that part of the plan to stop criminal activity from originating within the nation’s prisons is to block cell phone signals.

This is just the initial phase of a plan that had been waiting for legislation authorizing the Government to proceed. Correa said signals will be blocked in Itagui, Bellavista, El Pedregal and Puerto Triunfo in early January 2013.

AG will investigate Mayor Petro

Miércoles, diciembre 26th, 2012

Colombia’s Attorney General opened a preliminary investigation against Bogotá’s Mayor, Gustavo Petro, for alleged irregularities in the implementation of a new public trash collection plan for the city.

Attorney General, Eduardo Montealegre, said a “very high level official” will be looking at the complaint filed against Petro and determine whether or not the conduct he is accused of displaying has any “criminal relevance.”

Congress does its job, 33 bills move on for approval

Miércoles, diciembre 26th, 2012

Colombia’s Congress approved 33 bills for President Juan Manuel Santos to approve and make laws, hopefully before the New Year. The most urgent among them is the tributary reform, because otherwise it would not go into effect until 2014.

The number of articles included in each one determines the time Mr. Santos has to approve a law. When a bill has fewer than 20 articles, the president has six days to sign it; he has ten days if the bill has between 21 and 50 articles and as much as 20 days if the bill is even longer.

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