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Zero waste kicks off today in Bogotá

Martes, diciembre 18th, 2012

A new waste management model in Bogotá may be temporary pending results, but it could leave the city in a sanitary crisis if it fails to generate the results Mayor Gustavo Petro hopes for.

Among other changes, the Zero Waste program establishes that recyclers can no longer be treated as subcontractors for other companies but must be seen as businesses themselves and paid accordingly.

Four amputees so far this holiday season

Martes, diciembre 18th, 2012

In just 17 days, four people have suffered injuries caused by fireworks that resulted in amputations, which is almost as many as last year’s total for the whole season.

To make matters worse, there have been 105 burn victims reported in Antioquia so far, which concerns authorities considering the efforts they have made to educate the community and ban the use of fireworks.

Reform won’t generate that much employment

Martes, diciembre 18th, 2012

According to the General Secretary of the General Labor Confederation (CGT), Julio Roberto Gómez, the Government is wrong to say that reducing payroll taxes by 13,5 percent for companies that hire people with salaries equal to less than ten minimum wage salaries and substituting it with the new tax known as the Corporate Contribution for Equity (Cree) will generate anywhere between 400,000 and one million jobs, whether they are new jobs or informal ones that become formal.

If the goal was indeed to generate employment, Gómez pointed out, then it’s difficult to understand why unions weren’t consulted and workers given the chance to voice their opinion on the matter. The issue is being debated in Congress this week.

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